I was listening to a podcast this morning about how to handle workplace bullying, it was next in my queue of HR podcast that I listen to on my way to work - you know, to set the mood. The broadcast hit closer to home than I realized it would, as I listened to Catherine … Continue reading bullies


Sometimes my mind can be a lot of fun; finding the simple enjoyment in the fact that I am always the first person to work in my department and the last one to leave, because I am the only person in my department. But other times it can be an asshole, like the times it … Continue reading

My Tracker

Since I was about 17, I bounced between being on birth control and not. I can still remember the awkward uncomfortable first trip to the OBGYN. Sitting in the cold, sterile room, my mother insisting that I be tested for every STD there was, and the conversations that made sex and intimacy seem terrifying. At … Continue reading My Tracker