Self Reflection

I walked out of the door annoyed. Why did I have three calls from work, one at 8 in the morning... the day after I got home just before midnight. I jumped in the car, tossing the thoughts to the side with my purse and I drove. Park the car. Check-In. Complete survey. Sit. Wait. … Continue reading Self Reflection


(Almost) Accidental Overdose

Oops - I looked down at my daily pill container realizing there were two too many of one pill type and two to few of another.Β  Each day at 9 am (or around 9 am) I take two Gabapentin capsules, one big and one tiny LamictalΒ  tablets, and two pink Lithium capsules. I learned the … Continue reading (Almost) Accidental Overdose

Step One

I sat uncomfortably on the couch, not because of the couch, but because of me. The stack of bricks had been firmly reset on my chest and I could feel them slowly breaking me down. I couldn’t move. Life felt like it was stuck in this slow motion time warp. I told Kevin I was … Continue reading Step One


After I went through IOP Kevin and I began to seriously consider adopting a dog. We couldn't then because we had a house with no fence that we would be leaving soon. When we moved, we had a house, no fence and would be heading out on "vacation" soon. One evening we sat together, over … Continue reading Flapjack.