Noon Wake Ups

By noon my internal clock was screaming "Get Up! GET UP!!" It was the "morning" of my transition day to this mysterious third shift at work. A 5 pm to 3 am schedule for four days to mingle with the night shifts. Four days to get the answers to what feels like a million questions. … Continue reading Noon Wake Ups


A Letter From Future Me.

I started this one back in October 2017, it stat in my drafts folder until now... We were about 45 minutes into group. We had joked around and caught up before check in, we checked in and we had started sharing what was going on. I had shared. I had gotten feedback, support and praise. … Continue reading A Letter From Future Me.

Sometimes, there are moments when everything feels okay. It seems brighter and clearer. The moments are nice, they reconfirm that I am on the right track. But, on the other hand they feel like torture. The moments of anxiety, self-doubt, and depression following them feel amplified in comparison to the fleeting moment of "okay." It feels like failure, steps backwards. … Continue reading